I am now, officially, seeing two people. It feels… normal. Surprisingly normal. In all honesty, I was in complete agony yesterday, because I felt like I could only possibly be neglecting one person or another in this situation, and I couldn’t see my way through to how this would be manageable. The logistics were terrifying, and more than that the idea that I would get involved with someone, one or more relationships would fail, and I’d have to go through the breakup with T all over again. I just don’t know that I have another one of those in me.

But once things were less theoretical, it was fine. I was able to just exist in the moment. I could be with A and just be with her, without either living in my own head or spending the whole time worrying that I was doing something to Carrie. Both of them have been brilliant through this, A accepting that I have certain things to give and others that are in reserve for someone else, Carrie giving me my space; I think I’ve put myself through more anguish than anyone else. I’m sure there’s some wish on everyone’s part that all of this could be done without scheduling conflicts, but to the extent that it’s possible everyone is aware of and accepting-of-to-happy-with the arrangements in place.

I’m sure there will be stumbling blocks. A asked if Carrie and I have anything she should be aware of, but of course as of yet any rules we have are still unconscious and haven’t been hashed out. And Carrie and I still don’t live together, so weekend time is to some extent “our time”, but weekends are also the only real time that I can see A. The logistics are a little difficult, but if logistics are the only problems we hit I think we’ll be fine.

The most striking thing about this, though, is how non-striking it is. Carrie and A have met and like each other. A and I have moved into territory where we both know where we stand, and I, at least, feel much less like I’m in that awkward territory that I’ve had so much trouble with in the past. I woke up today in a new relationship, and it feels good, and it feels right, and it feels normal.


2 thoughts on “So

  1. I haven’t caught up completely yet, so I don’t know if this is still ongoing, but I just wanted to say that I’m so enjoying reading your journey through this. I think your blog would be excellent for *anyone* who’s new to poly; would you mind if I recommended it to people if it comes up?

  2. I don’t mind at all. One of the reasons I decided to do this was that I hadn’t found any resources for people coming at this from the direction that I did. Most of the poly 101 stuff assumes that you already have two people you want to date and are just figuring out the ground rules.

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