I have been remiss

Two posts ago I mentioned a date, and then never got back to that subject.  Partly because I’ve been a bit distracted.

L and I have seen each other in the mean time, and enjoyed ourselves enough to have scheduled more time together.  This is clearly “going somewhere” for sufficiently tautological values of that phrase.

This has triggered a handful of new experiences, all things that needed to be gotten through at some point.  E.g, the negotiating-to-use-the-apartment convo, which consisted primarily of my saying I’d like to bring L over and bracing for an uncomfortable conversation that didn’t end up happening because Carrie didn’t have a problem with it, at all; sometimes I don’t give her enough credit. The last time I was dating (outside of the relationship between Carrie and myself), we weren’t cohabitants.

I was remarking to someone earlier that it would have been nice to have been asked out by someone at some point who could be a mentor-figure in the open relationship arena.  Or even just to have developed a strong friendship with someone who had some relevant experience.  There are plenty of people out there I like well enough, and who I’ve leaned on from time to time, but no one really accessible and close (in every sense).  I’m aware that this is likely asking for something unreasonable, but it would have helped a bit; I suppose the lack of resources here is sort of why I started this chronicle in the first place.

I digress, though.  There is someone new and shiny in my life, and we, ah, share certain compatible, er, interests.  I am eager to see her again, and things are suprisingly comfortable with Carrie–I’m sure at some point this will cease to surprise me.  If there’s a dim spot here, it’s that we’re both busy enough to make coordination difficult; I don’t mind saying I’d rather go less than a week and a half before seeing her again, whatever idiocy roissy.wordpress.com would have one believe aside.


2 thoughts on “I have been remiss

  1. S’cuse me ramblin’.

    So, after an extended and healthy hiatus, I popped in to That One Site That We All Know And Love to catch up, and saw a comment from you, which ushered me back to this awesome blog. I shared this post with A, and it evoked a sober and supportive conversation between us regarding the same “shared space and negotiations” topic, which peeled to various tangents about our (as is currently unexercised) “open” relationship. But that’s not what I wanted to express here.

    What I wanted to share is this: The conversation was wrapped up with A saying, “Now that we’re done discussing healthy sexuality, let’s go watch ‘Disclosure’!”

    I just wanted to extend you some thanks for your role in that bit of humor.


  2. hahahaha

    I do think it’s possible to overprepare, too. I think that it’s worked out fairly well for us to leave this particular question until it came up naturally. Something everyone has to feel out for themselves.

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