I have to tell you this story

L invites Carrie and myself to a social dance event

Carrie, not wanting to third wheel it, asks someone to come along

I write back to L, telling her what’s going on, to make it clear that I’m not thinking “double date” here, and not expecting to monopolize her time

L writes back to say that she’d assumed Carrie and I would be going together, and had asked someone to come with her

So, instead of three wheels, now we have five

In all honestly, this actually really pleases me.  I have people to go and hang out with without the responsibility of entertaining any one person.


2 thoughts on “I have to tell you this story

  1. I like hanging out with my metamours. I don’t think I’d feel a responsibility to entertain anyone in any case though, but maybe that’s just because the people I’m in relationships with are good at entertaining themselves? *shrugs*
    I’m very pleased for you too Nick. 😀

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