A pair of simultaneous dialogs

me: I think I am in the process of scheduling a date. me: Would you like to grab dinner sometime this week? Maybe Tuesday?
L: 😀 A: That would be great. Where and when?
yay! me: Good question. I’m actually poking around at what’s going on in town right now.
me: I am not sure, though. Not a process I go through often.
{discussion of food options, and then I ask what she does}
L: when it rains, it pours 😉
me: Ha.
{here I link to A’s profile}
L: haha, the username is promising
me: Heh. Yes. We’ll see.
L: was she at the shakespeare thing?
me: No, someone I’ve exchanged messages with recently.
If this goes anywhere, it will mark the first time I’ve approached someone and then ended up going out with them.
L: 😀
me: Oh, apparently she just finished a degree in {L’s major} at {L’s university} A: I just finished a degree in {same thing L is majoring in}. My department had a really big undergraduate TA program, so I TA’ed twice before transitioning into administration.
It is possible that I may have a “type”. I’m going to (re)start a job at {place L interned at} this fall after interning there last summer.
L: hahaha
{further discussion, during which the revelations to the left happen}
me: … and she interned at {place where L interned} last summer.
L: yeeeeees
me: Do they just recruit really hard at {university}?
L: more or less
fwiw, I think you have great taste 🙂
me: Well, I think so. But then, I would.
L: (I think I’d begin to be disingenuous if I didn’t say that A and I are quite good friends)
me: (ooooohhh)
{discussion of whether we should disclose this}
me: Well, at this point, it kind of seems unfair for her to be the only person who doesn’t know.
L: right — so don’t feel that you’re violating my privacy by correcting that imbalance
me: All right. me: Er. So… full disclosure. I’ve been seeing L for some time now, and have just discovered that the two of you are friends, apparently.
(Doing so. Hope you haven’t said anything too terrible) A: OH LULZ
L: haha, no, rest assured L and I go way back. I think I gave her advice when she was buying someone who was probably you a present once.
me: Well, fine with her if it’s fine with you. I am very amused, at the least. That’s funny. Also, fine by me if it’s fine by her.
me: Ha. Yes, seems to be. Although feel free to ask her, of course. I’m trying to think what this present would have been.

4 thoughts on “A pair of simultaneous dialogs

  1. A: OH LULZ

    I like how L’s identity is embedded…well, going by all possible handles, four times? in ‘LULZ.’ Probably not intentional by A 😉

  2. Ha. I had not noticed, but that’s excellent.

    I know “L” is not the greatest bit of anonymizing I’ve done here. It is not many letters shy of a whole name, as opposed to when “Carrie” was briefly “C”. Maybe I should take up my friend at Madison Adder’s habit and start assigning people names.

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