Woo food

Carrie often uses “woo food” to refer to the foods that you would feed someone to convince them that they should allow you ingress to their pants.  Dunno if it’s a Carrie original, but plugging “woo food” into Google mostly gets me Chinese food, so I’m going to assume it’s close enough.

In any event, Carrie has a handful of these in her arsenal, the most powerful that I’ve experienced being her cheese biscuits, although I’m going to nominate her “leathery tofu” as another candidate, and I think that her seasoned soya nuggets should also get at least an honorable mention.  My go-to for some time has been cheese-stuffed poblano peppers, but that only works for a certain time of year.  I think that I’m going to add, for summer rotation, my new watermelon-and-edamame salad.

What kinds of foods do you make for a would-be paramour? Or, conversely, what sorts of things would impress you if a date laid them on the table? (pun unintended but noted as I was writing it)

It is possible that I have ulterior motives here.


6 thoughts on “Woo food

  1. My favorite is also more seasonal since it’s best grilled on a BBQ—cilantro-lime chicken with a pickled tomato and avocado salsa. The chicken is marinated in the cilantro lime mixture and grilled, then topped with the salsa. The salsa is cubed tomatoes and avocados pickled in a heated white vinegar-olive oil-brown sugar mixture that’s seasoned with ginger, cumin, cayenne, pepper, garlic, etc and some green onions and serrano chiles thrown in.


    But I also do home made chimichangas or taquitos, or stuffed portabellas, or some form of curried chicken like chicken tikka masala.

  2. I feel like all the food I make is depressing, somehow. I am not averse to making something and then sharing it later, but I don’t think the stuff I make is good for eating together.

  3. “Woo food” always turns into “foo wood” in my brain, which I guess is wood that can be turned into anything.

  4. Actually, the one that springs to mind is the sweet-potato fondue. Boil and mash two or three (depending on size) sweet potatoes while hot, add a brick of cream cheese, and thin with white wine. Finish to silky smoothness with a stick blender. Dip whatever you feel like, or keep thinning until it’s soup. SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS.

    Nick complains that I haven’t made this for him. Guess that’s what happens when you put out too early, eh, sir?

    Oh, and don’t forget warm fire-grilled pears with cold, fresh mozzarella.

  5. It occurs to me that most of our woo foods double as comfort foods. It seems like it’s much harder to woo in the summer heat, at least with food. But, there’s less clothing in the way, so maybe less wooing is needed.

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