The Pervocracy: The Geek Social Fallacies of Sex.

Great post up at this blog:

I think geek sexuality is an awesome thing. God knows it’s the only sexuality I’ve ever known. Geeks are tinkerers who constantly try to improve and innovate, and geeks are not bound by many mainstream social rules, and these two things combine to create some fucking hot sex. Also for some semi-mysterious reason the overlap between “geek” and “kinkster” is, like, 90% of both groups.


But geeks also are prone to weird social thinking, some of it a reaction to the ungeeky mainstream, some of it their very own invention. Here’s some common misconceptions that can fuck up geek sex.

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So, I’m engaged.  I’m reasonably sure that all of my regular readers are also connected on various social networking sites, but just in case I thought I’d mention it.

What this implies for my other relationships is, well, nothing really.  Everyone involved knows that I’m madly in love with Carrie, and I think it was perfectly obvious this was coming.  I did get congratulated by a couple of people that I’m seeing when they found out.

What’s more relevant to my existing relationships is that I have another hole in my abdomen which is going to require surgery, so it will be some weeks before I’m in hanky-panky-shape.  This is enormously frustrating for me.