A relevant conversation

vis a vis the last post

L: heh, right
would it be enough to have one bool and one int?
boolean isLookingForMore, int currNum
this way you can avoid hypercubage
so single + searching is (1, 0)
‘seeing someone’, in the traditional monogamous way is (0, 1)

me: hm.

L: though this doesn’t give a good way to show weight among relationships
oh, hah, if you make it two ints, you could potentially say “I am searching for this many more”, “I have this many”

me: That works. I mean, provided you’re seeing fewer than 2^16th people.
We could use a collection, and let people put whole objects in the “looking for” bit.
See, this is where weak typing is useful.
var relationships = [
“has” : [“wife”, “girlfriend”, “boyfriend”],
“seeking” : [“slave”, “mistress”]

L: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

me: Then you could test for Nick.seeking(Str) and see if it shows up.


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