One of the weirdest aspects of dating in this day and age is that contact information is so permanent now.  Phone numbers are portable, email addresses last forever; physical addresses change but almost no one sends snail mail any more.

Every time I let a new site troll through my contacts for people I should connect with, a lot of my results end up people I went out with once, or people I almost but didn’t quite go out with.  And I don’t really date that much, so I’m sure it’s worse for other people, although I’m a heavy user of social media and that probably also has an effect.

It’s just strange to be shown these people every so often, and be forcibly updated on their lives.  I don’t mind, per se, but it does make me wonder how many of them are, say, reading this blog, or following me on tumblr, or what-have-you.

It’s not strange when these are people who are still at least peripherally related to my life, but a lot of them are that-person-who-got-weird-in-the-email-exchange or that-one-who-just-stopped-talking-to-me-without-giving-a-reason or that-one-night-stand. In an earlier era, I could (and did) completely forget even the names of people in these roles, but now there’s a record forever that we had contact and the internet keeps wanting us to talk to each other.


2 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Yeah, I kind of hate that. People that I haven’t talked to for 11 years still show up. As someone who has trouble letting go anyway, it is awful that painfully separated exes continue to pop up.

  2. Oh, yeah, that would make it way worse. I don’t really have exes that aren’t still part of my life, aside from one who doesn’t really seem to have an internet presence. Her sister shows up on occasion, though.

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