Some of you who follow the RSS feed may have seen a post appear and disappear recently, or noticed the links on a couple of sites if you were watching for the couple of minutes that they were up.  I had run the idea past the person involved, but when it was finally written it was uncomfortable in tone, so I dropped it.  I thought I’d make explicit the sort of privacy policy that’s running in my head.

If I mention you in this blog, and don’t have your permission to use your name, I will anonymize you as previously mentioned.  If the topic feels at all sensitive, I’ll first ask you about it.  If I ever post anything that makes you uncomfortable, just let me know and it will come down immediately.  I’ll try to avoid that by discussing it beforehand, but obviously that won’t always be sufficient.

I won’t tell anyone else’s stories without their explicit consent, either.  This is a place where I’ll talk about my relationships with other people, but not their relationships-once-removed with other folks, except as they tangentially relate to me.  I don’t mind relating stories that someone wants related, but I’m not going to snag them without asking.

If you and I are seeing each other and you’d rather not be mentioned at all, let me know and you won’t come up, even anonymously.

If you’re not mentioned or involved and something I’ve posted makes you uncomfortable, I suppose you should tell me but I do reserve the right to ignore that.


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