Someone just claimed to me that Bill of Kill Bill was polyamorous.  If so, he had the strictest “one penis policy” ever in the history of nonmonogamy.

I’ve decided to use “a social movement around the practice of nonmonogamy” as my personal definition of “polyamory” (revised from “the social etc” on the advice of a friend).  Anything else I’ve ever heard requires telling someone who identifies as poly that they’re wrong, and that seems ridiculous to me.

Anyway, under this definition my objections to the term are gone, so I suppose I can go ahead and embrace it as a label.  I know you were all holding your breath.  Four years into seeing Carrie, I’m finally willing to ID as “polyamorous”.

Rounding out this incoherent post, I feel like this video should be embraced by the community:

Check out these lyrics:

We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there’s permission
And deception is the only felony
So never fuck nobody without telling me
Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real
Sun coming up, 5 a.m., I wonder if they got cabs still?
Thinking ‘bout the girl in all leopard
Who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepherd
Two tattoos: one read “No Apologies”
The other said “Love Is Cursed by Monogamy”
It’s something that the pastor don’t preach
It’s something that a teacher can’t teach

Sometimes Kanye speaks truth.


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