Location, location, location

Been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you

Without a dope beat to step to


So I find myself these days seeing a number of people at various distances.  Carrie lives with me, of course, but there’s Ravamorel Shortankard (chaotic good gnome barbarian) in Watertown I see about weekly, Caarsadi Hollysword (neutral evil elf assassin) in Medford whom I manage to see something like monthly, and then Lorakhan Serpenthelm the Other (neutral good half-elf shadowdancer) who lives in Austin, and we seem to be on a “whenever we’re around each other” schedule.  And occasional walk-ons, various people I have seen and may see again but probably not on any even semi-regular basis.

What’s weird is that for some time now I haven’t been seeing anyone in Providence aside from Carrie.  Since Lorakhan moved away, no one else has popped up on my radar.  A couple of abortive conversations have happened on OkCupid, but have gone nowhere, and meeting people in person is as much a non-starter as ever with the poly info dump required before we even touch the let’s-get-a-drink-and-make-eyes-at-each-other stage.

What’s more, I am realizing I just don’t know a lot of local folks. I have made lots of friends in the area, but an awfully large swath of those keep moving to bigger cities. The kinds of folks I get along with seem to be more often than not the kind that want to live in NYC, SF, Seattle, or at least Boston.

I’m more than happy to travel to or host the folks that I’m seeing, and of course for local color one can’t do any better than my wife, but there’s a niche for someone local who can just duck out with me on a whim, and it’s an empty niche these days. There are occasions when I need to get out of the house with someone and Carrie isn’t around or isn’t interested, and some subset of those occasions it would be nice to end up making out at the end.  Maybe “booty call” is the term.

I’m going to try to get back into the swing of writing, so lets hope I don’t neglect this blog quite so horribly in the next few months. I started taking classes, and got a bit overwhelmed by the time requirements, but now that I’ve got my feet under me it’s not so bad. Plus I’m drinking coffee for the first time in my life, so I’ll probably have some extra hours and with any luck more focus.

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