Constant Contact

I have a not-date in about an hour with Ravamorel.  We haven’t seen each other in a while.  She met a new guy and I got… dumped, I guess?  I’m not sure what you call it when someone stops seeing you because the shape of their relationship no longer fits you.  I suppose this is somewhat similar to what happened with Eilella earlier, although Ravamorel and I had gotten considerably more serious.  Stage 13, I suppose, is what I’ve settled on here.

I pretty much always remain friends with someone after we stop seeing each other. I can imagine circumstances under which I wouldn’t, where one or both of us had done something awful and that ended things, but that’s just never been the case with me.  I’ve lost contact with a few people, which is always a little sad, but mostly the people who’ve been in my life remain in my life. I just don’t sleep with people if I wouldn’t otherwise want to spend time with them.  So, I am shortly going to do whatever you call it when you and an exish sort of person go to the zoo together.

That said, I know there are people who can’t manage to remain in contact after even an amicable breakup, and I don’t mean to sit in judgment of them. I probably do that, but I don’t mean to.

Anyway, she’s here.

2 thoughts on “Constant Contact

  1. I suppose that’s true, but it just hasn’t been in my cohorts. I think that’s partly because I’ve previously existed in small, tight-knit circles that couldn’t really split themselves over one breakup.

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